COBie Data Compliance

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COBie checking made simple.

COBie is a remarkable information exchange which was designed to be automatically checked. We know that freely available tools exist for COBie verification, however, we were never satisfied with the process of installing it or running it and explaining the report findings. Thus, we created an online verification tool that quickly identifies your COBie completeness and presents highlighted errors in the original format. We think it's quick and simple, but we want to hear from you!

How it works.

Upload your COBie 2.4 file in .xlsx format from your device.

Our platform follows NBIMS-US™ Version 3 specification. We will automatically apply defined rules to check COBie file integrity.

We present you the overall results, which quickly identify your COBie completeness. You may export editable file for further detail.

We've got your back!

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